albertDominion Trading - Company History

The first record of the business’s existence was an article in the Wanganui Chronicle in 1916 referring to Albert Vance Stewart as a second-hand dealer. In 1936 Dominion Trading Co was registered as a limited liability company in Christchurch, by his son, Albert Vance Stewart (Vance).

Vance Stewart  was widely respected in the scrap industry and put in place the solid foundations  of the company.  The Second World War provided its’ share of both opportunities and challenges. During this time of petrol rationing, the "around the town" pickups were made using a horse and dray. The original premises at 166 Madras St, Christchurch, had their own stables. At the close of the war, the company was commissioned to dismantle the gun turrets and battlements that had been put in place, for their steel content. Rusty old ships, themselves requisitioned for scrap, were filled with steel and then sailed to Japan where the scrap was re-used in the manufacture and re-establishment of Japan’s buildings and factories.

The third generation to become involved was Vance Edmund Tainui Stewart (former All Black player and Canterbury Coach). During this period the business expanded with the acquisition of NZ Copper Granulating. NZ Copper Granulating specialises in the recovery of pure copper and aluminium from electrical cables. 

In 1998 the company moved to its  present site in  Blenheim Road and Nathan, Ben and Vance Abraham Stewart  became the fourth generation to join the company. 

In recent years the company has continued to install new plant to satisfy our customer’s needs.  Because of this, we can achieve the high standard of manufactured product expected by foundries throughout the world.

Christchurch Scrap Metal yard

pic Today this family business proudly based in Christchurch is now managed by Vance Stewart (former All Black team player and Canterbury Coach). Vance has years of experience within the industry, acquired from having initially helped out in the yard as a child to full-time ownership in 1985. A fourth generation Stewart, Nathan handles the day to day management of the Christchurch Scrap Metal yard.

Despite the Christchurch Earthquakes the business is fully functional and operating with no disruption or damage.

The business not only specialises in the recovery and recycling of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel and lead but is also recognised as New Zealand’s leading national collection agency for used automotive batteries for recycling. Since 1958 the forward thinking company pioneered battery recycling in NZ to minimise the impact of pollution on the environment.

New Zealand Copper Granulating

In 1998 the business of New Zealand Copper Granulating was acquired by Dominion Trading to further enhance and complement the businesses capabilities.

New Zealand Copper Granulating specialises in the recovery of copper and aluminium from processing electrical cable.

With the focus on the environment the process ensures the maximum recovery of copper or aluminium along with the plastic coating from the wire. This is onsold for re-melting and re-using).

All methods used are approved under the Resource Management Act.

Dominion Trading – Projects Of Interest

At the close of the Second World War we were commissioned to dismantle all the steel from the gun turrets and battlements throughout New Zealand. This was loaded into rusty old ships, themselves also requisitioned for scrapping. They were ironically sailed to Japan with their holds filled with steel to help in the manufacture and re-establishment of Japan’s buildings and factories.

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